Daryl Hall & John Oates — Bigger Than Both Of Us lyrics

Theres a million like us so were not alone
A million like us tho I can't think of one
There must be a million people who are
Pulling apart
And they don't know how to stop it,
Can't stop it when it starts
We can begin with a little bit of
You can tell the truth when youre
Talking to me
And what comes to my mind when I
Think of you is....
What am I here for? There must be
Something more
Its bigger than both of us
No matter what you say I just can't
Think of a way with you
But nothing really lasts forever
Bigger than both of us
No matter how I try, I can't even
Work up a sigh for you
Nothing ever lasts, nothing really
Lasts forever
Just think of me as another page
In your life
A curious way for you to pass the time
Just another memory when youre
Theres someone for the girl with everything
Secure in the knowing that she aint
Gonna break
Youre too much for me I'm too much
For you
So what are you here for when you
Know theres something more
Repeat chorus
Theres a million like us
Its bigger than both of us
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