Daryl Hall & John Oates — Heart Don't Fail Me Now lyrics

Lt seems its getting harder
Yeah, its so hard to find o lover
Okay the boys are getting better
But they still fall down under
Close examination, baby
Lt used to be essential
But that was purely elemental
Investigations always led to
One way conversations
Lt took me a little while to get
Myself acquainted
Lm just about ready for the
Right inspiration... Cmon now
Heart don't fail me now
Could he be the one I've waited for...
Oh yeah
Could he be the one being that
I miss around here
He could be the one...
He could be the one...
I wake up every morning
Inside my private little jewel box
Lts not so bad to be alone
Don't want no substitution...
Ld rather be alone than with someone and lonely
Ltd take a lot more
Than strong arms to hold me... Cmon now...
Heart don't fail me now
Don't mess my mind up
Ooo don't you fail me now
Lts no wonder lm so tough
Heart don't fail me now
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