Daryl Hall & John Oates — Lazyman lyrics

Would you work for a reason, lazyman
Do your thoughts have expression, lazyman
Does life pass you by while you don't even try
To grab hold of a minute and use all the time that's in it,

Whats your latest excuse lazyman
Is your neck botherin you, lazyman
Youre content to rely on the talented guy
Then you make a short edit
And take all of the credit for the song

Lazyman, you really bring me down
Lazyman how can you lie around
Wont you stop what youre doing
And start doing something

Is your ass getting sore, lazyman
Sitting there on the floor, lazyman
At least write down your feeling
Though it may not be appealing,
The way you say it might be worth the time
You never know
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Songwriters: DARYL F HALL
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