Daryl Hall & John Oates — Soul Love lyrics

Music by daryl hall, holly knight
Lyrics by daryl hall, holly knight

I can believe that you love me
The way you set this soul on fife
Typical talk in the daytime
At nite - only hot desire
I can do anything, darling
'cause you take me as I am
Baby theres something about us
That makes it a perfect blend
Yeah I found out what love means to me

Gimme that gimme that nasty touch
I dig it so much
Gimme that gimme that nasty touch
We got it - soul love
Im like you & youre like me
So what
We got it, soul love
Gimme that gimme that nasty touch
Soul love

How could it be that were so tight
Love telepathy
Somebody else could excite me
But what you do - thats another thing
Promise I will do you right
'cause youve got what I need
I feel you burning inside me
Im livin in your love dream
Yeah I know you & I were born to be

So hot soul love
So much soul love
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