Daryll-ann — Rollercoaster lyrics

Hey my friend you'll never be lonely, I'm the one to know
Think you jump any train to fly the plane, you'll make it on your own
The razorblade, my piece of the action, learn to see the glow
Till you're off down the drain your act's the same
You're artificially grown
So slow down
You are what, you're white, you're hip to the bone, you are bound to beat the fuzz
You're a rocket in the rain of a cryin' game, the pavement's all you know
A prick, a hand, my sentiment, slowly, buddy, slow
On the beat of the train hit the brakes again, your head held high you know you will
Fall down
You're right, I'm wrong, I'm out of your mind, I thought I am the one to know
Still you jump any train to fly the plane, I think I know you by now
By now
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