Dave Dudley — Speed Traps Weight Stations And Detour Signs lyrics

Speed traps and weight stations and detour signs
Are standin' between me and that baby o'mine
Well I'm two ton over fifty miles from that stateline
Speed traps and weigh stations and detour signs

I told that dock boss he was loadin' me too full
He told me you just drive it son don't worry what you have to pull
But that old dock boss don't have a baby like mine
And he don't have to worry bout crossin' that stateline
Speed traps and weight stations...

There's a hard hearted lawman that's a waitin' just for me
With a fistful of tickets that I don't wanna see
So I gotta find a backroad for this ol' rig o'mine
Cause I'd rather see my baby than that old judge any time
Speed traps and weight stations...
Yeah speed traps and weight stations...
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