David Allan Coe — Mississippi River Queen lyrics

Written By David Allan Coe

Hey, california you don't know me
New york city you can't show me
Anything I haven't seen at least A hundred times before
I still love you, new orleans, mississippi river queen
'cause when it comes to loving' you beat all I've ever seen!

And I've seen A lot of ladies in my time
I've had me A few women that were fine
Ah, but I don't need no city woman messing' with my mind
So goodbye san francisco girl, I'm leaving' you behind.

And I've had some senoritas down in mexico
I met A few potatoes up in idaho
I've had A few peaches in georgia and that san antoine rose
If the good lord made any better
That you he's the only one who knows
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Songwriters: DAVID ALLAN COE
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