David Stones — The Truth lyrics


S.t. is the truth!
S.t. is the truth!
S.t. is the truth!
S.t. is the truth!
S.t. is the truth!
S.t. is the truth!
S.t. is the truth!
The illest nigga you know!

[Verse 1: David Stones]

I'm comfortable with being myself
These niggas acting like they somebody else
Look, we had it with your fantasy rap
Talking bout you could've did this and would've did that
I think it's bout time we bring reality back cause in reality the fact is your shit is just wack
Matter of fact your whole career is a joke
And shame on them yes men you got giving you hope
They call me VVS Stones in some VVS Stones
Well known, my name ring like them PBS phones
And I'm waking niggas out of their slumber this summer
Don't even bother to call
I got your number
Try to get up in my lane if you dare
If I catch you over here you best to be waving a road flair
I don't play fair you don't want me to demonstrate it
Or insert name here, I could dedicate it
Put your career in the trash like I'm sanitation
Say hello to the future nigga, salutations
I could hear their hearts palpatating
While these niggas hating
I'll be living off the land steady cooking up a plan to tip the scales
Strategize while demons rise to no avail
Got God on my side he know me well
I was taught to talk in code it's too risky on them cells
Son they hanging brothas in them jails
Judge hitting niggas with them 7-figure bails
Farewell letters through the mail
Will he ever walk the streets again?
Time will tell
These niggas filling every bar up with punchlines while I use mine to uplift in these hard times
This aint just words rhyming in the booth
This right here is significant proof that S.t. is the truth!


[Verse 2: David Stones]
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They impressed with my intellect and view me as a threat cause my respect can't be paid in the form of a check
I perform in rare form I was blessed with a gift to put my foot up on these motherfuckas neck
I grind in the night while you slept
Kept running shit while you were running out of breath
I hear these niggas saying they the best then you play the mixtape and that shit is a hot- mess
A lot represent it but only a small percent is documented
The rest get x'd off the list cause they aint authentic
Yea I'm independent but the bars is hard enough to lock 'em in it so them history books they better log us in it
This a victory commercially and critically
Fuck whoever hating let 'em wallow in their misery
I'm everything they wish to be, literally
And if they aint feeling me it must be something wrong with 'em physically
In my eyes it's no such thing as competitors cause they're all prey and I'm the mothafuckin' predator
Wildin on the regular, S to the...
You could never walk in my shoes cause I'm 10 steps ahead of ya
They'll never be another emcee as dope as me
VVS Stones, put me on I give you clarity
This aint just words rhyming in the booth
This right here is significant proof that S.t. is the truth!


[Verse 3: David Stones]

Ayo I flow so fluidly I should tax my CD's with a water fee
Opposing S.t. your chance of victory are very slim
I come baring bars, I'm a fuckn barbarian
They like ahhh damn, not him again
That nigga Buckshot lil cousin fuckn' goin in
Chivalry aint dead I catered to a few women friend but these niggas is bringing new meaning to gentlemen
They sucker soft
Prolly walk up in a A&R office, close the door and go and suck 'em off
Niggas cop my shit and start trashing the store
Then their nose start to bleed cause that shit is so raw
Quick question for you overnight sensations
What's your lyrical equation when brought up in conversations?
Or do you lack a nomination?
Don't even give a fuck about the culture you're disgracing