Dawn Of Relic — It Dragged Her To Dark... lyrics

Do you still awake at night and hear his hands
Scratching the floor in front of the door
To where she was torn...

Fearest thou still the moons face
For what stares back

Do you still light the candles
To burn away the Novembers dark

For the spell of Eastern sea is upon these
Winter whitened vanes and cemeteries
Where gravestones stuck ghoulishly through the
Like the decayed fingernails of a corpse

Swear fealty to your sanity
It was just few nights ago when you saw 'em
From your window
Swear fealty to your sanity
It was just few moons ago
When they took her from your very home

Lo! The red moon from te oceans low hazes
Rises in ominous grandeur to view:
From the Stygian warped wombs
They are here to take you...
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