Dawn Of Relic — Phantasm And Evenfall lyrics

Epilogue & Downfall

Day dies to night
Sun magenta, crimson then gone
Branches red the mansion windows
In the night the firs sigh
Soil is black now, awaken.

Deep in the mansions labyrinthine womb
Mouth of her opens like flowers abloom
Tongue like a serpents, netherian breed
Sumerian slithering etherial greed

No mother
No father
Words are curses
Dormant is here
No mother
No father
Words are curses
Mindraping violence

Darklist scales to a Phantasm ride
Where the stars sheen rhythm from the open sky
Sumerian nightbreed awaken here
Where the Carcosa breaths their luminous fear


... Never
... Came to relieve 'em

... The mansion is free
... Painted veils
Dark... Eats... Me


"Beseech a haven to enshrine your hear
'o ill-fated. For the fear weaves the web
For murder and the night on earth is soon
Upon thee"
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