Death By Stereo — Sing Along With The Patriotic Punks lyrics

You can take my work.
You can take my place.
I think you're a fool.
I think you have bad taste.

You can take your flag.
You can take you're pride.
You can bend right over.
Your assholes open wide.

Open wide, here I come!
Yeah right, I've got pride.pride in a system, that's designed,to waste all your minds.
Go! USA, it's the way,so wave them real on flag day.
It's your right to be proud.

So scream it and shout it,shout it out loud.
Buy into lies, the government feeds your meat head mentality.
Go, don't do it for you,but for state, country, national church.

It's the way today your paycheck will wash sins away,
It's ok don't be afraid until uncle Sam robs you blind.
Did you hear what I said you are blind.
My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty full of national pride come on baby open wide!

You can take my can take my place,
You can let me win,
Spit right in your face,
Spit right in your fucking face!
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