December Wolves — To Kill... Again lyrics

My purpose is to bring you sorrow. I always meant to cause you
Pain. A servant of violence, I walk with fire in my goddamned
For I am to whom you bow... The Commander of killing -
Effective now!
To kill without emotion!
Extinction staring you in the eye... You and your creed should
Fuckin' die!!!
To kill without emotion!
Get on your knees... Don't beg... Don't pray to your god! He's
Deadmeat... As well, you are! Can't you smell defeat?
Get in line and get ready to greet your leader - Satan!
We've got no reason to be discrete... We'll just watch your
Fucking numbers deplete...
Even the "innocent" which you've bred - Women, children,
Infants... All dead!
I can't wait to watch you rot away! Genocide!... That's what I
To kill without emotion!
In the perfect world for which we aim, all ****** ***** go up
In flames!
To kill without emotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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