Deekestrelz — Freeze The Swordz lyrics

[Intro: ka]
Yeah, come on, come on, check me mom and daddy
It's good, It's good, you're star everyday
Mariam and Moussa, mom and dad
Yo, it's all good you all the good I'm alive
[Verse 1: ka]
You're stars in the hood for the stress for the hire
You??? Lire
You are three years, ???
I'm a???, real mind of breaken
Megan, not morgan, you're good of live
Like a??? You're from the hurts
(dude, I too late!) You ain't no fucking least
Dead parking lot was plot in the lot
[Verse 2: Christine Apsell]
Come on come on come on dude, come on
Uh, I still know what you did last summer
3 4 5 6 feet deep water of summer
Come blanked, ???
Bang Bang! You're a???
??? Slashed???
No episodes, no season, no screen
??? Are slashed
[Verse 3: ka]
You stuff you stuff
??? Fuck you, fuck you
??? So many hurting
??? Caps lock pitchfork
??? Lyrics, cause I real murderer
??? Darkness
??? Slaves ain't no happened stucks
You gonna die spell of a stucks
Fuck you tomorrow is house, Deekestrelz in the house
You starts of a jack
Yeah, okay, oh yeah, okay
??? Slash you
??? Add rows
No kung fu, for a braincells helled
[Verse 4: Christine Aspell]
You ashes dome of a Deekestrel monster
See you in hell bakers shit of a mack
??? Like a like a like a like a spell of a
Just I brain of a evil and the evil
[Verse 5: Godfrey Effisawey]
No problems, or hit???
??? Dark
??? No spark
Penatly of a niggaz of true
???-up fo' the darkness
??? Slay
You shit a daber???
??? Relax
??? Down
Sick of a bit of a mad of a still now
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