Defleshed — Many Mangled Maggots lyrics

Does leaves ever cry? Not if they are black
Does birds ever fall in love? Can the air smell the flowers?
What if the sun won't rise... The last one to notice must be the worms
And where is Marilyn?

Won't a cat cry until I puncture the eyes with a tooth-pick
I've tried to eat rocks but they have no taste, it was just a waste
Do maggots steal the flesh of a corpse, or do they deserve it?

Africans squize maggots out their skin to eat the good phlegm
I can't stop wondering why they bother to save the worm-skin
Flies use to gather among laying bodies

How many maggots can a dead body produce?
Why are so many blacks starving when they can eat their friends inhabitants?
Maybe trees hate music in fear of being cut to a flute
Can I pick the red out a rubin to wear it?
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