Del McCoury — Blown Away And Gone lyrics

It seems I'm always lookin' for something I can't find
Love that's true and lasting to ease my troubled mind
Just when I think I found it and new light starts to dawn
Darkness closes in and love is gone

Here to stay then blown away and gone like the smoke
From a fast mail train rollin' down the track
Whistle blows off she goes
Gone and she's never comin' back
Gone, gone, gone

I told her that I loved her She said she loved me too
Neither one was lyin' and yet it wasn't true
We kept on hopin' love would find a way to carry on
Then we woke up one mornin' love was gone


Why does this keep happenin, is this the path I chose
Is there something deep inside that makes me bound to lose
That makes me turn this love away when closest I am drawn
The moment that it's finally here it's gone
Here to stay then blown away and gone
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