Del Reeves — My Baby Walks All Over Me lyrics

My*baby walks all over me Dell
Reeves The

big black bear walks the mountain The
tiger shark he rules of the sea I'd
walk on any man who tries to steal my baby And
my baby she walks all over me The

lion as the King walks the jungle I
feel like a King when she's with me She
build's me up so high she gets my head right in the sky And
when I'm dreamin' she walks all over me Chorus

don't take me wrong she's quite a woman She
sweet and dear and she knows where she stands She
loves me long she loves me strong she rules me and I like it I
guess it's just a part of nature's plan A

man likes to rule in his own castle I
lay down the law she smiles and then agrees She
waits until I'm through and then she does what she started to Because
she knows she can walk all over me My
baby knows that she can walk all over me
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