Derrick Mitchell — Winnin lyrics

Verse 1:
I aint been to a club in a minute
But tonights the night and I feel like winnin
Still big pimpin for my thick women
With a derriere shakin with a twist in it
H.D! So my vision is clear as can be
I been winnin pay attention every year is a fee
While I'm steerin a "V" on a roll
Get the latest scoop on me. No cone
R.S.V.P believe me
It's a party of about one grand it's easy
That means it's me and nine-hundred-ninety-nine groupies this evening
I know you see me with the dog tags swingin
Doin what I wanna do throwin up the "W"
Feelin like a boss get lost every one of you
Whoever said I can't win, no love for you

They see me
So I can't lose
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Verse 2:
Live fast die young that be the motto
While I'm tryin to do numbers I aint talkin bout the lotto
This aint the situation no jersey shore
'Cause this aint a show fasho
It's more like an open door I make moves like I'm suppose to go in a focused
Get fresh or get left
With my haters still playin def
I Win Win but I don't wrestle
They must got it pretzeled
I mean. I mean they must got it twisted thinkin I'm a loser
Huh. Just 'cause I'm a rebel
Got your girl shakin to the treble she say the beat bang
And the words got her feelin special
In a Cali kind of way straight from the ghetto
Wanna roll with me? Lets go

They see me
So I can't lose

Verse 3:
I know they don't like me but it wont worry me
'Cause imma stay fressshh 'til they bury me
Slow your role that's what they keep tellin me
But I'm a young dude that grew through the treachery
Winnin! If you feel the same way
Put your hands in the air like it's pay day
It's goin down. Mayday Mayday
But I don't really care what they say, they say!

They see me
So I can't lose