Descendents — Hope lyrics

Why can't you see you torture me
You're already thinking about someone else
When he comes home you'll be in your arms and I'll be gone
But I know
My day will come
I know someday
I'll be the only one
So now you wait for his spark
You know it'll turn you on
He's gonna make you feel the way you want to feel
When he starts to lie when he makes you cry you know I'll be there
My day will come
I know someday
I'll be the only one
Call me selfish call me what you like
I think it's right to want someone for all your own
And not to share her love
And I'll have my way and won't have to say anyway
I've got you
You didn't stand a chance
You want perfection
I see your self destruction
You don't know what you want
It's gonna take you years to find out
I'm not giving up
And when you've had enough you'll take your bruised little head
And you'll come running back to me
You know that I'm gonna be the only one.
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Songwriters: WOLOSCHUK, JOHN
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