D.i. — They Must Want To Die lyrics

Down with the arms race,
To keep the otehr in it's place.
Bombs flying in the night,
Like a rabid dog bite.
Newspapers all the same,
Media, a brainwash game.
Why do they even try?
''cause they must want to die.
No alibi.
Don't ask no reason why, because they...
They must want to die.
Hey, what's the latest scoop?
Go and build another nuke.
We're all the masquerade.
The world filled up with hate.
Every country's newest game,
Who's to fault, who's to blame?
Why do the people lie?
They must want to die.
Wanna die.
No alibi... Bombs away!
The feds take all your green,
For the doomsday machine.
You're heading down the track.
Wonder why people crack.
Down with the arms race.
Keep the other in it's palce.
Bombs flying in the night
They want to die.
No alibi.
Don't need no reason why...
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