Diamond Rio — Pick Me Up lyrics

Sittin' in my pickup truck
Listening to the country station
Singer singing 'bout a lasting love
Me, I'm losing patience
'Cause I don't know what he's talking about
I fell so far that I can't get out
A helping hand on a hopeless heart
Is all I need for a brand new start


Pick me up so I can fall again
Help me get back on my feet again
I gotta get back to ground zero
Before I have a chance to win
Pick me up so I can fall again

She sits down beside me at the cafЁ¦ bar
Lookin' better than she ought to
Another chance for true romance
And I pray that it won't fall thru
I hope you know what I'm talkin' about
I'm in so deep that I can't climb out
A healing hand on a hurtin' heart is all I need
For a brand new start
Pick me up so I can fall again


Pick me up, pick me up
Pick me up so I can fall again
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