Diamond Rio — What A Beautiful Mess lyrics

Going out of my nind these days,
Like I'm walkin 'round in a haze,
I can't think straight, I can't concentrate,
And I need to shave.

I go to work and I look tired,
The boss man said son you gona get fired,
This ain't your style, and behind my coffee cup,
I just smile.
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What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I'm in spending all my time with you
There's nothing else I'd rather do.
What a sweet addiction that I'm caught up in, cause I can't get enough
Can't stop the hunger for your love.
What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I'm in. (Ah Ah)

This morning put salt in my coffee
I put my shoes on the wrong feet
I'm loosen my mind I swear, it might be the death of me, but I don't care.


Is it your eyes,
Is it your smile.
All I know is that
Your driven me wild.