Die Happy — Not That Kind Of Girl lyrics

Shot me down and I'm falling
And in my head it is calling
You can be whatever you want to be, baby
I hide - you care for me
And you always say that you would see
Angels in my eyes
And I can believe

So what you wanna say with your words
That I'm precious
And that I am something you can't buy
You can do whatever you want to do, sugar
When you mentioned heaven's bride
Oh you came to me to say:
"don't leave me alone!,
Not this way! "

You are praying for the show
Take me now, then go
Don't forget what I am

Dancing in the spotlight
Twisting, turning all night
I don't really care
What you wanna do with me
Standing in the moonlight
Waiting, walking all night
I don't wanna know
What you wanna do with me
Cause I am what I am

On your knees, you are begging
All I need is your money
You can say whatever you want to say, honey
I had dreams when I was young
Now I prefer just to survive
Don't bore me again
It's my life

You are praying for the show
Please yourself and go
'cause I am what I am...

I'm not that kind of girl
Look at me
I am what I am

I am never gonna go your way
You are never gonna make me stay
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