Diesel Boy — 65 lyrics

It doesn't make you a slut 'cause baby you can fuck whomever you want it just makes it more complicated but that's a lot of sex that's sixty-four dicks before you ever put your hand on mine i wish you would've lied 'cause now i have to face the fact that i was number sixty-five i know it isn't fair for me to judge your past you've got way more bags than one boy could unpack what were you hoping to find lying on your back instant self esteem achieved through penetration i wish you would have lied 'cause now i can't erase the fact that i was your number sixty-five was i adequate did i seem out of it was i good did i touch you the way you wanted how do i stack up did i hold out long enough was i alright did i fuck you the way you liked it guess i was just another guy guess i'll always be your sixty-five guess i was just another dick guess you were just another chick i wonder if you're still waiting to be found i wonder what number you're up to now
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