Diesel Boy — True Drew lyrics

Well I think that it must be something like my destiny
And with these eyes it's so easy to see
That girl from E. T.
She's the only one for me
Listen to me sing your name
D-are-E-W, I want to fuck you
Hope you don't think my song is lame
I want to fuck you, D-are-E-W
Please be my one and only true Drew
That guy from that band Hole
What's he got that I ain't got?
A million bucks and
Courtney Love and whole lotta pot
But without you Drew
He ain't got a whole lot
Won't you run away with me?
We could have a punk rock family
Have ten kids, give'em tattoos
Tell me Drew what have you got to lose?
I promise you that I'm not a loser
Someday I may play at Lollapalooza
Then I could buy you fancy things like a red Rolls Royce or a diamond ring
How can you resist my noise?
I'm the singer for Diesel Boy
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