Dillinger Four — Wrecktheplacefantastic lyrics

Eyes burning from the sun shining bright
I hide from the light
Choke down A smoke and wait for the night
Hooray for all the progress we扸E made
The hollow inventions and rigid conversations
And rules we扸E obeyed
Watch them fall, watch them all fade away

Hooray for the gun, hooray for the chair
Hooray for the prisons and poisonous air
Maybe it matters and maybe it don扵
I think it matters to me
And if there扴 one thing we learn today
It扴 watch what you say

Raise A glass to years gone past
And smash it on the floor
Destroy all the yesterdays
Too little too late
They扲E nothing anymore

Where will you be when it comes to an end
Embracing the falsehoods on which you depend
Or taking the moment to spit in the eye
Of those you扸E stood beside
Don扵 think you can hide it away
It shows right on your face

I don扵 think we扡L forgive or forget
We扡L move ahead without regret
We扲E tethered like A dog on A rope
Condemned to make the same mistakes
But everyone will still have hope
Celebrate the filth in our live
No remorse or regrets inside.
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