Dimension Seven — Red Race lyrics

Inner red race
Inner ratrace
In this ratrace
Pin me down t
I breathe today To bleed tomorrow
In dedication: lost self control
Across the line, dna pushed me over
Purity punctured by nails
All I have is all I am, Till the bottom, never less
Creation enlarged my path
Full look weighs just a gram in a dead man
Dead ends empty man

Pin me down

I tried so hard in this Schizophrenic long way down
Full adrenaline rush under my skin
I tried so hard in this Schizophrenia
Adrenaline alone guides all this sin

Devotion kills
Devotion kills me

Natural Unspoiled Warmblooded

Pin me down

I breathe today to bleed tomorrow
Ambition means a long way down
Adrenaline overload rushing through my veins
I breathe today to bleed tomorrow
Adrenaline alone makes me bleed within

Devotion kills
Devotion kills all my misery

7 6 5 4 3 2 times I died
I'll die another time
1 time I died
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