Dimmu Borgir — Behind The Curtains Of Night - Phantasmagoria lyrics

A mental inner vortex
As possessions through a wolf's eye
Envisioning the eclipse
No longer to be blinded by a sunrise

In this final benediction
Confronted by mirage of imminent mortality
Time's set to end the suffering
So follow, I will cherish the secrecies of hearts

Chased by the black shepherds
Behind curtains of night
Been found as a tool in their seduction
Fatal haze

An escape into abomination
Perished to phasma
Asindrome of another aeon
Soul-obsequial inhesion

Resurged in torrents of abysmal thoughts
Lost in a helix, blackest might
In stealth I do seek deliverance
In phantasmagoria, vortex utopia
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