DimSum — The Day I Met You lyrics

I thought my luck was running out
My chance to find love seriously in doubt
But somebody up there took a fancy on me
And made sure that I won't give up easily

Life completely changed the day I met you
My world was rearranged the day I met you
Never letting go, holding on to what I got
The day, the day I met you

Kept telling myself repeatedly
I will find love if it's meant to be
So I never gave up when the going was tough
Just waited for my date with destiny

[Repeat CHORUS 1]

Look here and you can see
A permanent smile on my face
There's no trace, not a trace
Of the emptiness I felt
Before you came my way

All the stars came out the day I met you
A rainbow lit the sky the day I met you
It's all obvious now why I overflowed with joy
The day, the day I met you

[Repeat CHORUS 1]

Such a lucky day, the day I met you
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