Dion — And The Night Stood Still lyrics

Do you remember on the night that we first met
The moment I looked in your eyes I never will forget
And I remember oh the time that we kissed
Remember thinking to myself could it really be like this

And we danced beneath a midnight moon
And I took one lock
One look at you
And I fell in love before I knew
And the night stood still
And we moved so sweet
So sweet and slow
To the rhythm of the radio
And then your arms reached out and held me close
And the night stood still

I will remember the song that they were playing then
And if I close my eyes I answer
We're right back there again
Do you remember oh the way it used to be
We were two hearts on the run
So young as wild as free


The night stood still
We danced
We fell in love

Do you remember oh the way it used to be...
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