Dirty Loops — Die For You lyrics

1st you took my breath
A 2nd away from death
Picked myself back up from the floor
3 times the double dose
B4 I knew how it goes
When you're constantly craving more

Last minutes
I escaped from having a heart attack
What's with it
If I had a chance I'd be running back

Cause I would die for you
Give up my life for you
Yes I would die for you
You'll be the last thing
I will do

Take 5 let's summarize
That 6iness got a price
It's dangerous to be around
7 nights a week
I w8ed up didn't sleep
You're the bomb
That will bring me down


Chorus 2×

9 lives
Ain't got the upper hand on me
I will jump off a cliff
Baby just to make you see

Chorus 2×
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