DiSanto — Sinner lyrics


Some might think
I'm a Sinner cuz I am obscene
You're not misjudging

Aren't we all the same?
That's what daddy taught me in 1st grade
It's human nature


Oh-oh... Don't call me Santo
Oh-oh... Call me disanto


I'm a Sinner... Si-si-Sinner
Made of divine, right from the sky
I'm a Sinner he-he-he-ho

I'm a Sinner... Si-si-Sinner
Like me or not, not gonna stop
I am a Sinner so what?


What the hell?
Misbehaving is not a bad bad thing
It's rather randy

So who would like to play?
All the Sinners welcome to my game
Let's all get nasty


Call me a Sinner, call me what you want
Call me a pagan cuz I'm in pursuit of my desires
Don't try to fight it cuz you know you want to try it
Welcome all aboard, tonight we're going to lose control
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