Disarmonia Mundi — Parting Ways lyrics

Restless memories are gathering still inside the shades of your nightmares suffocating you drown within and dream the day of your destruction I tried to cope with this a thousand times I slashed my skin but I still cannot figure it out safe as my woundless hurt remains frantic years go down the drain so get the fuck out of my life forever exhausted by the burden of your disease in this silent addiction forever entangled in the dark within here's the key to your salvation like a bullet in your brain you're aware of your decay restless dreaming of a final solution all your efforts seem so vain time to face all your mistakes and slash your way out of the dark forever yeah I know it's too late to regret your mistakes in this world of confusion as the shadows embrace you get rid of your pain parting ways with a blade your wordless separation from this state of atrophy is nothing but a cold breeze in a world of agony now I want you to know no one will waste a single tear for your demise and your grave will be nameless, cold and forgotten lost in the shadows of time
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