Discount — Clap And Cough lyrics

Plunged into a nadir, the years spent in insolation
And the windows of the skull look upon only devastation
Inside hunger gnaws like rats in your sides
Outside iron rain like nails in your eyes

God can infest you with maggots my son
To the vultures and the scaffold
To the virus and the gallows

Before the masters of your fate
As they seal your fate, bow down
Would you of mere flesh contest the divine

Under the knife you'll renounce it all in time
Etched in emptiness, I watched them disappear
Beneath the wheels of desperation and the heel of despair
And the Western sky would as soon kill as shelter you

Bow down to your doom
An all seeing-eye
An all-clutching claw
Unknowable God

His jaws devour all
Bow down.
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