Dishwalla — 5 Star Day lyrics

We've come so far to be where we are
This perfect reality
Everything's easier now, we are free
We can have everything we need

This 5 star day is here
This perfect world is clear

We're moving faster now, get in line
Or you'll get left behind
Into this bright white day, we will go
Stumbling, as we slowly all go blind

This 5 star day is here
This perfect world seems clearer
This 5 star day is here

Let it hit the sky, let it wash away
Bright as a thousand suns to see
Come along, every one, gather round, hurry up
Don't be late, it's time for us to leave
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Songwriters: Pendergast, George Edward Iii / Richards, John Robert / Browning-Cravens, Rodney / Alexander, Scott Preston / Wood, Jim B
5 Star Day lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC