Dismal Euphony — Splendid Horror lyrics

[Music by Ole Helgesen, Kristoffer Austrheim & Frode Clausen.]
[Lyrics by Ole Helgesen & Kristoffer Austrheim]

To these pale spectres dwelling in the blackness of my sins
I behold her swirling tounge floating in my swart lake
I can almost touch her limbs

Cloaked beneath her woes, I found my nothingness
Withered among the pity.. It was dead

Splendid horror, splendid horror
Splendid horror, splendid horror

The blood-red water drives me into ecstasy
I scream of pleasure as I crawl down to her
Even though they fainted, there is really nothing to fear!!!

[now go till 8. 03 of the song and ear the rest...]
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