Divine Regale — Cry To Heaven lyrics

[music - anderson, elliott, keazer, leighton]
[lyrics - hill]

Startled one more time
Out of another restless night
There's fear and terror in her eyes

She'll hide the tear stains
Where she used to
Find her dreams
There will be no more
Sleep tonight

To close her eyes would
Be to face him
Replay a past
She thought forgotten
So today I'll watch the sunrise
Hoping to catch
A glimpse of the morning dove
And carry her prayer to heaven

Crying to heaven
Hoping her voice will be strong
Crying to heaven
She's hoping it won't be too long

Shadows reaching out to her
The days are getting colder
She's trying to hang on
To every minute of every hour
Tossing and turning the night is
Tormenting her
And I'm helplessly
Watching over her
So today I'll watch the sunrise
Hoping to catch a
Glimpse of the morning dove

I tried to hold you close
So close within my arms
Trying to keep you save from harm
I used to believe that
Things happened for a reason
Now I'm not so sure anymore

Staring outside her window again
Her weary eyes upon the sunrise
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Songwriters: JIM STEINMAN
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