Dodgin' Bullets — We Will Not Be Stopped lyrics

Take 5 minutes and think about what you just said write it down, read through it, play it over in your head did you even bother to think before you spoke ignorants words from uneducated minds you fools we will not be stopped your second face will never hide the true way that you feel don't tell me where I belong and don't talk to me about what I believe I was here long before you were and I'll be here when you leave do what you will, say what you want but we are never going anywhere since when did you become the authority on who has a place in hardcore we will not be stopped you draw the line where you see fit, only accepting what you believe we will not be stopped the mouths of a hypocrite have received their reward in full we will not be stopped I'll stay true to what I believe and in the end we'll see that you were wrong we will not be stopped
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