Donell Jones — My Heart lyrics

Why you wanna play around with my heart
You make me feel like you care
Why you wanna play around with my heart
My love was there I thought that you cared

(verse 1)
Until that day you turned and walked away
Your love was special to me
My heart has fallen apart and I know
That you're the one to blame
You said the love would never change
Then you go out and play


(verse 2)
I never knew that you could put me through
All the pain tha I feel, yeah
Saying sorry won't make it right
Cause it will never be the same you're the one to blame
Tell me why

Tell me why you're living a lie
You never really loved me, baby
And now my heart is falling apart
You should have told me from the start
That you would break my heart, baby

(chorus/vamp out)
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Songwriters: JONES, DANIELLE
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