Donna Fargo — Superman lyrics

Superman superman superman
And there you go pickin' on me again pushin' me to the very end
Tellin' me to move another mountain
Well just cause you can walk on water that ain't no sign I can
You know your mama should have named you Superman
Superman superman superman

Now let's go through this one more time you do your thing and I'll do mine
But honey baby we gotta draw the line your hang up is messin' with mine
All I can do is the best I can to change the way that you can't stand
If it ain't good enough for supermn it ain't good enough for me
Superman superman superman

So you don't have to rub it in just because you're right and I'm wrong again
Sometimes right is just as wrong as wrong is
And I ain't never gonna learn how to make it rain
And I wouldn't if I could for all the rain in Spain
But you go right ahead and do it do it Superman
Superman superman superman
Yeah let's go through this one more time...
Yeah let's go through this one more time...
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