Dr. Hook — Love You Now lyrics

(D. Locorriere/are. Smarr)

I don't wanna wait until some starry night
Baby, let me love you now
I don't wanna wonder what's wrong or right
I just wanna love you now
You know that I've been patient
Are you feeling my frustration?

You don't have to save it for a rainy day
Baby, let me love you now
Don't know how I'm gonna say it any other way
Gotta get through some how
I hope that I can last, girl
Only moving fast as you'll allow
Baby, let me love you now

Say that we must leave it for another time
If you're looking for a way to break
This heart of mine
We could be so good together
If you'd only let me show you how
Baby, let me love you now

(c) Locorriere Songs
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