Drama Escort — I'll Try To Smile lyrics

I think I'll go for a walk
'Cause the whole world feels empty
Just the sound of the wind
Against my tired face
I wish I knew you were sleeping

I know I'm a little selfish
But your world seems so hollow
The concrete cracks and I hear him laugh
I wish I knew you were at home

And all this darkness makes me sad
I feel the rain hit the window
No phone to call
No car to drive
I wish I knew you were alone

And this kitchen is cold
But my coffee is still too hot to drink
But I'll try to smile
For you

I think I'll talk to her
She always makes me smile
Just the sound of her voice
When it hits my ears
I wish I could say you were guilty

And you can scream if you want
The truth is, it doesn't bother me
Maybe if you care
Or stopped the wounds you prepared.
I wish I could say this was your fault.

I'm going to sleep all day
'Cause there's no point in being awake
I get so bored, frustrated and annoyed
And my mind gets so fucking anxious

Like an orchestrated line of lies
I'll fall apart tonight
But I'll try to smile
For you.
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