Dream Child — Shade On Your Sun lyrics

Even though you don't know me,
It don't prevent you to judge me.
All your prejudicies,
Are as sweet as serpent's kisses.
You think you are superior,
But your ideals are such a bore.
You fear the difference,
I show indifference as a defense to your offence.
But don't espect me,
To turn the other cheek,
Your attitude can really make me sick.
I don't need to answer so you think I'm weak,
But just touch me and I'll show you a few tricks.

I'm the shade on your sun,
And I have no fear
You'll never see me run.
I'm the shade on your sun,
Don't try to retire me stay away or you'll burn
You'll burn!

You only live through hate
For you it's like a faith.
Do you know,
What an open mind is or you think it's a desease?
Ignorance, the rule of the fool.
I am immoral, and I'm breacking down your rules.

I don't have any lesson,
To receive from people who are only there to deceive.
I don't even think of taking part of your world,
Cause apart of your world
You think there should be nothing at all.


All your thoughts are no fun,
Delicate as a shot from a gun.
I'm the shade on your sun
Don't try to retire me stay away or you'll burn.

You want your world so pure,
For me you have a cure,
All traces of me you want to erase,
But you will never, get my will to fade!
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