Dream Child — Train Of Fools lyrics

Have you ever imagined
Our human destiny,
Placed on a dangerous railway,
Headed by lying leaders?!?
The more we live,
The more we destroy,
If we follow the way,
Oh!!! We'll jump the rails!

Don't follow this apathy,
Open tour eyes and see.

Train of fools
Blind lead the blind!
Train of fools.
With an evil mind...

So, I'm wondering again,
Do we aim to die in pain?
There's no easy solution,
But it seems like it's vain,

We're slaves of the machine,
That we must feed.
Tacking, rejecting more,
Than what we need.

High speed on earth,
Control it before we hurt.


Oh! No! No! No! No! No! No

Train of fools
Blind lead the blind!
Train of fools,
Yes, they, are, evil!!!
Yes the blind lead the blind!!!
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