Drowned — Spiritual Force To Kill lyrics

They say to you love the next one.
If they attack you, offer you other face to them.
Torture and torment...
Your life is a nightmare...
Assassins are out there and you became a prisoner.
Now it's time to follow the spiritual force to kill!
Now it's the chance to forget the sarcastic words of God!!!
If they attack you, offer your vengeance!
Goodness is for the weakest minds on earth!
Die with your goodness!!!!
If someone shall win, it must be you!! Blood is a fortune; you must keep yours into your own veins!!!
Without the war the peace would never exist!!
Malevolence... Demonic...
You can't control the evil.
Sacrifices... Suicides...
You can only burn it, if they attack you, kill!!! Who saves the wolf blames the sheep.
Who will blame you?
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