Drowningman — My First Restraining Order lyrics

To sink so high
Desperate emanations,
Lamp light in the eye
Held your heart,
Fingers in the cavity
All alone in the dark

Alone, we'll sail away,
Alone, we'll sink so high,

You're holding back again,
You said you wouldn't.

Don't say anything
Even if it's killing you.
Don't say anything.

Sink so high,
Sail so low.

Tell me what I said,
Tell me what to say,
Bombs hearts.
Hearts are breaking,
Watch it all blown away.
I called seven times
Said you're not at home.
I can see the lights on.
They said.
They lied.
Tonight we'll say it second
Tonight we'll say it slow.
Tonight we'll say anything
Anything at all.
At all.

I called seven times
Said you're not at home.
I can't take it back.
I can't take it now.
Fell from the sky
Rain falling down.
Rain came falling down and down.
Down from the sky.
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