D'sound — Be So Bad lyrics

I don't mind to let the day go by
When I'm sitting inside, sun is on the sky
But I hate getting no reply,
Just the echo of me from the walls

All day long I've been by myself
Writing funky tunes, talking to no one else
I don't know why this turns me on
And I really, really need someone

I wanna be so bad, feeling someone else around me

People say that I am so uptight
Well, if that is true, I'm someone else tonight
Feeling urges I can't controll
- I want you to be the first to know

Sing 'bout love when it is not in sight
I stay in all day and I stay up all night
I know what could make me feel alright
And I really, really; I need someone!

Like me! I wanna mean so much to you
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