Duncan Sheik — Such Reveries lyrics

You and I in the room with the balcony
You lie on the bed while I stare at the sea
I stare at the sea
On such reveries

And we're riding the ponies in Mexico.
The moonlight leaps through the palm tree groves
Oh, wouldn't you know?
We're in Mexico

Yes all of these things, all of these things
They are such reveries, oh
All of these things, all of these things
They are such reveries

The oceans waves loomed as large as could be
They threw us below but you held onto me
Yeah, you held onto me
Oh such reveries

'cause you are my treasure, a love that astounds
The end of my searches, my looking around
No more looking around
A love that astounds.


But don't listen to me,
It's my imagination
I don't even know you
It never happened
Just dreams in slow motion
They never happened
All that I told you
It never happened ever

[Chorus: x2]

So many visions still to see
And many travails before I may sleep
But then when I sleep
Oh such reveries
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Songwriters: DUNCAN SHEIK
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