Duncan Sheik — Sunrise To Sunset lyrics

Sunrise how can this be
So full of hope and ambiguity
Cos I've got mine and maybe
You've got yours
I've been down, yeah
I've been down before
Mostly because I fell out of love
Or someone turned away

Fortune smiled upon me
Of this I'm not naive
But there wouldn't be so many beggars
No, if there weren't so many thieves
So we change forever
Now I am moved by different things

I won't deny, there have been times
I've been down, is that some kind of crime?
It's mostly because I fell out of love
Or someone turned away
I wanna move on to another kind of song
And put those things away

Whatever may happen
In the course of a day
The spirits pray upon us
Beyond us they're inside us

Run, run if you need to run
From that place,
There are other places waiting for us
Hoping for us to ask for tender mercies
Those devils memories
They feed, they feed
On the wreckage of your dreams

Sunset, some pardon
Another fine and present day
I won't be afraid to say
I pray, I do
I pray for me, I pray for you
I may feel like a stranger
All in this together

Every sister, every brother
Each life entwined within every other
Oh, don't you see
It's only thing we must believe
We all, we all must believe
We all must believe
Every sunrise, every sunset we see
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