Dying Fetus — Wretched Flesh Consumption lyrics

Flesh Consumption!!! Tearing Apart, Creating My Art, Molding The Parts From This Lifeless Lump, Stretchign The Face, That's Where I Start, (Twisting And Turning I Slowly Devour Your Corpse), Mourning The Loss, I'm Distraught, Perpetual Fear In Your Severed Heart, To Erase It I Must Pull It Out, (And While I'm Swallowing I'm Cutting Away At Their Heads), Keep Your Alive While I Survive, By Sucking The Innards Sublime, A Foray Into Maliciousness, (Sending Your Body Into The Gore Nebula), Gore!!!... It Ends The Conscience Of My Destined Hell, Gore!!!... Wounds Terminate Wretched Hell
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