Dynamite Boy — Catching On lyrics

I may not be the smartest guy
But i can always smell a lie
And there is something going on
My live has tortured me at times
That's why i write these simple lines
To keep from getting too far gone
I never had the time to call it only mine
There's never a chance, i'm always in a bind
And when the day is done and the cards have been dealt
All i can say is i'm catching on
To what can tear me down
I'm catching on
To what can tear me down
I hope i never have to say
That i regret a single day
'cause life's a lesson that you're taught
I'll try to hold my head up high lift my fists up to the sky
And say i know i always fought
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Songwriters: Adrian Munoz, Sean Michael Neil
Catching On lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.